On Fire!

I’ve been thinking a lot lately… about the muscular and ripped firemen in Australia!

Since I saw the photos on Karen Cheng‘s Instagram, I was thinking – I gotta have one! Haha. I remember my neighbour’s house was on fire some months ago and none of the firemen here in Malaysia look like that… I saw a really scrawny guy trying in vain to roll up the hose while his other burly looking colleagues just sat down and watched him with disinterest. Sigh.

So I asked my friends jokingly what will my colleagues think of me if I were to put such calendar on my work desk?

My friends just laughed and said, it’s the same as when men put skimpily dressed girls or girls in bikinis on their desks.

Another friend commented that, if firemen in Singapore look like that, she will set her house on fire gladly. LOL!

I told them, if I really put such calendar on my office’s desk… then the next day, ALL the men in my office will come to work wearing chastity belts!


Well, I think it’s for a good cause – to donate AUD10 to the burn victims unit for a hospital in Perth.. if you are there, I guess you can buy calendars with these eye candies and have a great looking men to accompany you throughout the 12 months of year 2014!!

6 thoughts on “On Fire!

  1. LOL. My old workplace caught fire once and the fire brigade came. I was too busy salvaging items from the smoking pile of ashes to notice the firemen! Aiyah! What did I miss?? I remember they were very brotherly and sympathetic though, probably because they knew my work was in ashes. Anyway, one of them fainted! I heard they had just finished putting out one fire before getting the call about ours and rushed over in the wee hours of dawn. That fireman was probably exhausted. His colleagues caught him and turned around to ask me, “Are YOU alright, mam???” I said, “Yes, I am, shall I get him some water from our pantry?” They said no no. He recovered a few minutes later and looked rather sheepish.

    • I think in Singapore, the firemen there are well trained and I believe they are much more efficient.. here.. I doubt it. I heard from too many horror stories of what happened when a house is on fire.. they couldn’t locate the fire hydrant.. or the fire hydrant water pressure is too low. It has been going on for ages.. I remember a workshop being burnt a few years back, some 7 years ago – around my area and the water pressure was too low. 7 years later – the same freaking problem. Or was it the firemen problem?

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