Health Scare

My mom’s been feeling under the weather since October. When we were in Hat Yai, we received a message saying that my mom’s been vomiting and having diarrhea so my cousins helped to send her to the clinic and hospital to make sure she’s okay. But as obstinate as she is, she refused to rest more as advised by doctor and kept going about doing housework as usual.

Then, she has bouts of fatigue once awhile. She would be energetic in the morning and somehow, towards the afternoon, it was as if someone hit the snooze button in her body, she would feel weak and sleepy.

When we got back, my sis pestered her to go get her blood screen but she refused. Old people’s mentality. They just refused to "waste money". So after weeks of coaxing and pestering, mom finally relented when my sis said, "It’s free one! My office will bear the costs!" Then only she followed my sis to the clinic.

On Wednesday, the blood test came out so I went with my sister to the clinic to see the doctor. The doctor said, during her previous visit, he wrote her a letter to go to Selayang Hospital to have her liver scanned. Did she do that? My cousins did informed us on the dengue test. She didn’t contracted dengue but there was no scanning involved. So our doctor advised us to bring her to the clinic the next day to get her liver checked.

The next day, I took her to the clinic to have her liver checked. Also the cause of her fatigue was due to over medication. It seems, the govt clinic gave her a prescription which reduces her potassium level greatly and hence, the lethargy!

We also found that, her liver is still enlarged. It has not improved since the last visit end of October. Due to the urgency of this matter and her procrastination, I decided to bring her to a private hospital to get her ultrasound done there and then. We were lucky that we managed to secure an appointment at KPJ Tawakal hospital at the very last minute.

We reached the hospital at 3.05 pm for our appointment at 3.40 pm. We waited for a bit till about 4.15 pm to get her liver scanned. As the technician was scanning her, I took a look at her liver and was kinda alarmed that the technician highlighting certain parts of her liver, which looked a little menacing. As if this was not enough to scare the shit outta me, she went inside to consult the doctor with the scans and told my mom to wait for her.

After awhile, the technician came out and rescan my mom’s abdomen. The doctor also came out shortly and started to give instructions to the technician and both of them were starring at the liver scans, then the doctor instructed the technician to conduct a thorough scan on her pancreas as well as her gall bladder.

The technician didn’t say anything and told us to wait outside for doctor’s report. I understand that, when we do ultrasound, they will only generate a report for us and, we still need to get the report back to our own clinic to get it decipher. Since we just drop by to get an ultrasound scan and didn’t see their panel doctors at their outpatient clinic, we have to go back to our own family doctor.

As we were waiting for the report, my mom already turned pale as she too was worried about the scan. I kept my fingers crossed and said a silent prayer in my heart.

When her name was called and I walked over to the reception counter to collect the report and made payment, I intensified the silent prayer in my heart. "Please God! Please!!"

It costs only RM100 – which is a pleasant surprise! So it’s better to pay a bit rather than having to wait for hours at a government hospital! I quickly opened the envelop and read the results there and then!

"Enlarged fatty liver. No abnormally. Gall bladder and pancreas normal"

It’s like music to my ears!

Then I could see colors returning to my mom’s face when I told her, "Boh Su!"

On our way home, I nagged and lectured her throughout the drive home to take care of herself, eat less fattening food and rest more.

PS. Mom is now on Legalon 140mg. After 3 months, she will need to go for another blood screening to ensure her liver is functioning well.

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