Making Amends

Had quite some fun the past few weeks hanging out with some friends. Some of them, I haven’t met them for over a decade! Some will be meeting for the first time! Some are quite regular but since I was in some hermit state for a period of time… (actually more like lazy, feeling somewhat depressed and unmotivated or simply I just hate to drive!).. I think I am beginning to lose all my friends if I don’t take initiative to get my lazy ass out from the house beyond Facebook or Whatsapp.

The friend that I met after more than a decade of absence, came back from Netherlands to bring her mom to the hospital for a knee surgery. Well, we talked about all sorts of things. I thought we would run out of topics to talk but then, we found out that both of us are actually quite like minded in most things. So, our chats were long and meaningful. Try to squeeze in a decade of no communication or information, you get the picture. Really talk till the "chicken pecked also won’t break". LOL!

One thing we discussed is on making amends. I guess both of us are rather bad tempered and we would usually make decisions when we were angry (big mistakes!) and somehow ended, regretting them. The one thing that we regretted is the friendships that we lost.

She looked back and thought of a friend that she burnt the bridges at the height of some petty arguments and gossips. If she could turn back time, she would have investigated things properly before pointing the finger at her. Now, she realized perhaps, the girl is a victim of the petty gossips.

I could relate to her friend. I was a victim of malicious lies but luckily, I took it in my stride. I feel that if a friend thinks so little of you, it’s best not to continue the friendship. Friends should give you the benefit of the doubt. If there’s some misunderstanding or if you feel the friendship is worth to salvage, one should take initiative to clear things up instead of letting the matter fester and finally, blown out of proportions and ending at point of no return.

She hoped to get back in touch with the friend and would like to apologize. I guess both of us are somewhat mellowed down very much since we are aging. LOL!

So do you have a friend that you have wronged or somehow your friendship just fizzle out that you wish to make amends with? Why not start today? Otherwise, some friendships are meant to be broken. If either of you feel that the friendship somehow energy consuming to keep up – emotionally and physically aka toxic friends, it’s best to part ways.

4 thoughts on “Making Amends

  1. I realize in life it’s not the quantity but quality that counts… We have a few ‘core’ friends that we feel comfortable and can be ourselves with and as you say… Sad to say, a lot of our good friends have migrated but even after a long absence, you can easily pick it up where you left off…. when they come back and visit.

    • I think good friends are the one who would drop you a note to remind you that he or she is still alive and thinking about you. Hahaha!

      Also, friends for keep are the ones you could turn you when you need any help, offering sound advice or even, just lend you a listening ear..

      And those friends who always have time for you – they could sacrifice a little of their busy time just to go coffee or have a meal, or simply a short phone call.

      And friends who don’t smother you with their needs and wants – and would give you space when you need them and learn to move on, when you two no longer share the same interest and yet, both of you have best interests in your hearts for each other.

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