Hospital Jokes

After my mom had her medical check up and thankfully, she is alright but would be put on liver supplements, it was my dad’s turn to go to the hospital.

He had been having a toothache and refused to see the dentist. He even commented that, we cannot extract any tooth if we are in pain.. it’s too dangerous! Well, this is the way old folks usually think. They think they are better than professionals.

Despite our advice on seeing a dentist/doctor asap for his toothache, he persevered on for another week. After more than a week, suddenly his left cheek and jaw started to swell as if he had mumps. Yet, he still refused to see the doctor until my mom forced him to follow her to the government clinic.

The moment the clinic doctor saw his swelling jaw, he wrote him a letter to go to Selayang hospital to be hospitalized. So he got into a cab and went to the Selayang hospital by himself. He was hospitalized there and then. He called my sis to call the cab he was riding in to look for his dentures. Apparently the morning he went to the government clinic, he was not wearing his dentures due to the pain in his mouth. He totally forgotten about it and nagged my sis to get hold of the taxi driver to return his dentures! Thankfully, we didn’t waste time and do the ridiculous to track down the cab driver!

He was surprisingly in most jovial mood when he was in the hospital, despite the extreme pain. I guess the painkillers do help with the pain. He was walking all over the ward, saying hello to people and making fast friends as if he’s some VVIP. He even told us to go home and not to worry about him.

That night itself was a nightmare. We found out from the nurse that he suffered breathing difficulties past midnight because of his swollen jaw when we went to the hospital during his surgery. Whatsapp messages were exchanged among family members and friends when suddenly, don’t know why one of our friends mentioned to me that my dad swallowed his tooth, that is why he had breathing difficulties! It seemed, my sis whatsapp the colleague saying that, my dad had "swollen tooth" and he read it as "swallow tooth". She said, she should have written "swollen gums" instead. We find that utterly hilarious.

When we got to the hospital on latter half of the day, he was placed in ICU. Doc said that, his lungs are weak due to asthma, his old age as well as smoking habit over 40 years. He couldn’t breathe on his own.. so he would need the breathing aid. No matter how much differences we had at home, the feeling of anger and resentment towards him dissipated upon seeing him bed ridden with his body plugged into so many machines.

The doctor told us that, it wasn’t the toothache that caused the swelling. It was abscess due to external factors. It seems, if you have diabetes, you are more prone towards abscess so it’s better for you to ensure you see a doctor if you are not feeling too well.

Something like that could be prevented but then, my dad simply doesn’t give shit about it which led to hospitalization and worse, spending time in ICU! Our family shook our heads and thought that, if this caused his death, then he’s solely responsible for it for being so stubborn!

He was in ICU for two days and subsequently transferred to the normal ward. He now has a very unsightly scar from the side of his ear to the back of the neck, which he complained to the doctors of the very bad needle work and demanded to be re-stitch!! I guess he’s now his annoying petty self, so it’s a good gauge that he’s on the road to recovery.

6 thoughts on “Hospital Jokes

  1. I remembered my last very very painful toothache. Couldn’t tahan lah. I cried and cried and no panados/ pain killers could stop the pain. Well, that was when I was still a kid. Ate too much sweet and didn’t take care of my teeth. THat taught me a good lesson๐Ÿ˜€

    Gina, Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

    • Ai Shiang.. that’s why. I really salute him for his threshold of pain.. considered impossibly human to even endure such tremendous pain.. and he could tahan for more than a week!

      Merry Christmas and Happy new year to you too, Ai Shiang!๐Ÿ˜€

  2. Wow…. So much has happened since we last wrote each other (which wasn’t so long ago)…. Gosh… Didn’t know your Dad had to undergo surgery and was in ICU… Thank God he’s alright now…. He’s fully recovered now I’m sure….. The complaining sounds positive!๐Ÿ˜‰

    • No worries, Shorthorse. Yeah. Most important now is health. Glad dad is now ok after an episode in the ICU.. this ought to teach him a lesson not to take things too lightly.

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