Discharge from Hospital

I went to the hospital to discharge my father just now. Almost suffered from a stroke due to bad planning. It all started with my brother’s idea to keep his wallet and IC back at home. So I had to go home to collect his IC first before I go discharge him from the hospital. I was so smart to even think to drive myself to the hospital to get my dad. Should have enlist help from my brother in law since the parking at Selayang Hospital is rather horrendous.. not as bad as KL Hospital though.

Actually, we don’t need his IC to discharge! I was handed a green form to make payment at the counter downstairs. I asked if they would want to see his pension card in order to make payment. The nurse said if he registered as a pensioner when he was admitted, then yes, no need to make payment.

I searched dad’s wallet to find his pension card only to see that it’s not there! @#$%^&* So just to make sure, I decided to drive back home to get the bloody pension card. After searching for a car park for almost 15 minutes, then only I had to drive home to get his pension card. Imagine the frustrations!

So, this time, I told my brother in law to follow me to the hospital. At least, I don’t have to look for car park and go make whatever payment and get my dad. After waiting in line for 15 minutes, the teller told me, I don’t have to pay since my dad is listed as a pensioner.. ok.. there goes my 10 minutes of driving to and fro, and 15 minutes wasted due to waiting at the counter..

I went up to collect my dad from the ward. We bid farewell to the nurses and off we went. We walked slowly as my dad couldn’t walk fast enough. I asked if he needed a wheel chair but he said he’s alright to walk for a bit.

Then, when we got into the elevator, my dad received a phone call but was cut off when the elevator’s door closed. We wondered if it’s mom since she’s so kanjiong at home. So we decided to ignore the call. I was helping him to walk so I don’t have free hands to hold onto his phone to see who is calling. He had problems looking at his handphone display…

My brother suddenly called and told me, a nurse called and said we didn’t collect the discharge letter from the ward. WAH LAO EH!!! I was packing my dad’s things for about 3 minutes and it didn’t occur to them we were LEAVING??? We even said BYE BYE to them!! I got really pissed and straight away went upstairs again for the third time!

When I got to the ward, I collected the letter and it occurred to me that, my dad’s drip needle is still inserted in his hand so, I checked with the nurses if we were supposed to remove the needle ourselves? This question sent the nurses into frantic mode and they asked where is the patient now? I almost strangled everyone there but I decided to maintain my composure. And then, I calmly said that, my dad would not be able to walk up again from the car park, so please get a nurse follow me downstairs to remove the needle.

Luckily the head nurse is there and she agreed with my suggestion and instructed the nurse to go downstairs to the car park with me. The nurse who went with me to the car park is a very nice person – according to my dad. She is highly skilled because she doesn’t hurt him when she’s drawing blood for tests.

Such a drama… remember guys.. when you discharge somebody from the hospital, ensure all documents are with you – their IC and pension card, if any… when you need to make payment and then, ensure whatever needles on the patient, needed to be removed before going out and letter of discharge being issued!

2 thoughts on “Discharge from Hospital

  1. You guys must’ve been in a great rush to go home considering the fact that you didn’t see the needle sticking from your Dad’s hand…. So hilarious..,, your account of events here really sounds like an episode from a PCK comedy lah….. Glad things turned out fine and that your Dad’s at home….. Wishing all in the family good health for the New Year my friend…… Health is wealth!

    • I was working when I went to get him during lunch time. Was hoping to get back to work by 2.15 pm so that, I don’t have to owe my boss too much for giving me so much freedom and flexibility! I made it back to office by 2.30 pm.. I guess it’s better than not going back at all! Haha.

      Wishing you and Tony a very happy blessed 2014! May love, success, good health and happiness follow you wherever you go.

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