Happy New Year 2014!

I spent the last day of the year in the comfort of my cousin’s home. I think I did the same thing last year – watching fireworks from her house on the 9th floor. Had a pretty good 360 degrees of fireworks view – even if they are too far away! Nice view from KLCC, the KL tower, the Curve.. and sporadic individual homes’ fireworks! I think last night’s fireworks superseded all fireworks the year before as they lasted more than 5 minutes! Followed by families in Selayang who have too much money to burn! I think later this CNY, there will be another round of crazy fireworks now!

I miss the days spending countdown at Datin’s place, watching fireworks from a distance at his balcony and watching the celebrations in Dataran Merdeka on TV. I heard that last night Dataran Merdeka’s crowd was really huge and it was filled by people rising up to protest the hike in prices in everything that affected the livelihood of all Malaysians. It is indeed frustrating and disappointing (and very, very angry!!!)  to have a stupid government governing an otherwise great nation! We need fresh blood and new ideas, corruption free leaders to lead the country! I sincerely pray for the betterment of the nation. I hope Malaysia would improve NOW and would be a better place for every individual living here irregardless of race, creed and religion.

Fellow blog readers, let’s pray for the betterment of our nation to our respective Gods. Let’s hope drastic positive changes would take place. Let us all believe in each other that our harmony and togetherness do not falter due to threats of the “leaders” that supposed to unite us but did otherwise. Let’s pray for new wave of changes in the minds of the people to embrace differences and celebrate diversities! Let’s pray that we will continue to protect the sovereignty of our nation from corruption, nepotism, greed and wastage!

Wishing you and your family, a year of love, good health, success and much happiness. Happy 2014!

6 thoughts on “Happy New Year 2014!

  1. Amen to that! Our nation needs our prayers…. Lest it be bled dry by our uncaring and corrupt leaders…. Having said that, Malaysians are a resilient lot! We shall persevere and have a good year ahead of us despite all odds! Our spirit shall not be broken!

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