Random Notes


Too much rubbish in the news lately. I am not saying the hard copies of newspapers coz I NEVER read physical newspapers since 2008. Even online now, whenever I open a webpage, the argument over the "A" word is simply too exhausting, trivial and downright stupid. Ah.. forget it.. I am going to retreat into my own world with HBO Girls playing on my laptop. I need my liberal doses of Adam. Scratch that… generous doses of Adam!

Preparation for CNY

This year’s CNY arrived early! End of January.. it’s like less than 3 weeks away! It’s totally crazy. There’s going to be some crazy baking over the weekends. I guess I would be grounded every weekend this month.. provided I have the mood to even fire up my oven. It’s been there laying idle.. the last time I used it was probably months ago, trying to heat up some roasted meat.

List of Prayers

I usually list some stuff for prayers before I go to bed every night. Most of the time, I would fall asleep by the time I reached half of the list. And I would wake up suddenly in shock and continued praying till I fell asleep again. I guess God would understand my prayers and may He grant us peace. It’s the thoughts that count…

Mind Reading

I think I read somewhere before.. we thought we couldn’t read people’s minds but wait a minute.. now we can. Thanks (I think more like NO THANKS!) for Facebook! and Twitter!

Sometimes, I just don’t get it. There are people who wrote frustrations about their marital problems, complaining about husbands or wives on FB status.. I think probably they hope their respective spouse would read their status so that they could buck up.

I think it’s really downright embarrassing not to mention utterly childish to air your "dirty linen" or domestic disputes in public. If you and your spouse are not seeing eye to eye – please behave like adults and talk about it. Don’t air them in public. I was really flabbergasted to find a fairly rational friend suddenly turned into this vapid complaining bitch about her inattentive husband for weeks in row.. only to suddenly, saying praise to God for a wonderful family man..then complained about him again…. then again, thankful and grateful. It was a lucky thing I couldn’t be bothered to ask how is she, etc etc.. Imagine if we were to listen to her problems, told her to go for couple’s counseling or worse, opt for separation if situation worsen..we could have just break a marriage! In short, don’t kepoh!!

Ms Microwave

I heard that she has resigned… well, I wish her all the best and pray that the new place do not have a microwave which would trigger "moron alert" to her new colleagues first week at work.

2 thoughts on “Random Notes

    • Ya.. more like fucked up year with prices increasing indiscriminately and fuck you in the ass! Hope the masses realized what they got themselves into for voting in the greedy and corrupt regime!

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