I was watching the last episode of HBO Girls Season 2 and was almost in tears when Adam ran half naked across a few blocks, while holding onto facetime with the OCD inflicted Hannah, almost got knocked down by a car, took the subway, ran upstairs to her apartment, Hannah refusing to open the door, barged down the door and swept her off in his embrace. Auww…………. I felt both happy and heart breaking at the same time.

I related this to a friend and she said, it would be nice if Malaysian guys would do that.

I remember my friend told me why she knew that she would marry her then boyfriend. She was having a really bad stomach cramps at work when he called. So he just dropped everything he did, took the train and walked 2 km in the rain to her office to get her home.

Then another case, my friend’s boyfriend. When we were freshly out from Form 5… aged 17… the guy came to my house to accompany me home together with my friend. the 3 of us took bus home. Then, he showed off his skills at playing the piano.

He said he learned to play by the ear.. he played a song which he said he written himself. Not sure if he’s bullshitting but in a 17 year old’s mind, this was probably the most impressionable act. It even made me, the ice queen’s knees buckled.

Then he walked my friend home – about 20 minutes walk from my house. When he was about to go home, it was already 12 am and there was no more bus service. Since it was too expensive to travel by cab and to be exact, he was also poor because we were all students. He actually walked home.. from Selayang to Sg Wang area where he stays..

The next day, he was limping when he appeared at my friend’s college to pick her up to accompany her home.. back to Selayang…..

I was in college and I think a guy was *interested in me. He was my study mate. We both spent every night, studying together, accompanied by Patrick Teoh’s horror stories. I had to translate everything into Cantonese for him because his English is not so good..

One day, it was raining heavily and the place we used to sit – which was behind our rented house renovated to fit in long stretch of study table.. The rain was torrential so it splashed into our tables from the high windows. I ran behind the house, climbed onto the table to close the windows. (That time, I was still small sized lah. LOL) He actually dropped everything he was doing in front of the house and ran to the back. He ordered me to get down before I hurt myself and he closed the windows for me. He told me in future, let the man do all these "heavy duty work".

And who said, chivalry is dead?cleardot.gif

*not only this.. but there were instances he made some chicken essence for me coz I was studying late and even bought me some food and forced me to eat them because he didn’t want me to get gastric due to my "strict" diet. Hope I am not perasan lah! Haha. Gawd.. I miss that guy!

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