Knowing Your Roots Part II

As the story continues…

My mom and her sisters had been enduring psychological and physical torture, living under the mercy of this evil landlady. They harbored hopes that, they could move out of the hell hole immediately. They worked hard and saved every sen they had for their house fund. They managed to buy a place, which was still under construction during the time in Taiping Garden – where I spent my initial 13 wander years.

Another horror story was, my grandfather was stricken with stroke when he was in his late 40s. So he couldn’t walk properly, he would still walk, dragging his leg along. One day, they were busy hawking refreshments and food during a festival, so they ran out of sugar water and rojak paste, so they told my eldest aunt to bring them the stock. Before leaving the house, she informed her father (my sick grandpa) not to walk anywhere and she would be back in a jiffy.

Knowing that the poor old man was left alone to his vices, the evil aunt of the landlady started to wash the whole house and flooded the floors, with malicious intention that if my sickly grandpa stood up to walk about, he would slip and probably got himself killed! I am sick to the stomach learning this story!

My eldest aunt rushed home and horrified to find the entire lower ground was flooded and my grandma’s things, left on the floor were all wet! They had to spend the whole night cleaning up after a long day hawking.

Seeing my aunt and family in agony, living with morons from hell, the next door neighbour’s wife, who was also my aunt’s loyal hair customer took a pity on my aunt and family that she offered them a place to rent instead. And she offered a rather cheaper rent, Rm50 for two rooms instead of the current rent of RM80 for two rooms.

The next door’s house was currently rented out to people who were banished from their home states – usually gangsters, so not many people would want to rent there after they were gone. However, the landlady assured her that, now most of them already moved out and she could start by taking a room first, then later on, add on other rooms when the rest of the people were gone. It proved to be quite a good decision.

Since they were moving, they split their hair dressing business assets into two and moved on. Of course, my aunt’s business was definitely way better than her conniving friend’s salon and eventually, the evil friend’s business had to close down because nobody wants her to do their hair! Karma!

Not long later, the neighbour’s husband got into trouble with mobsters and had no choice but to sell out all their properties. Apparently, it was some kind of kidnapping, so the husband had to sell most of their properties to pay off some ransom and then, uprooted his entire family to another place.

The neighbour was kind hearted and kept her word that, no matter what happened to her, she would give ample notice for my aunt to find a new place to move her entire family. Caught with the situation, my aunt and family, decided to buy up the house that the neighbour offered to sell.

However, with already a house in Taiping Garden to finance, they were short of cash to pay for another house. Initially, my grandaunt (the coffee shop tigress – my grandpa’s sister) offered RM3,000 to help with the house. The house costs RM8,500 only. So my mom and sisters had to find a way to raise the other RM5,500.

When it was about time to pay for the house, my grandaunt said she had no money. What a bitch!

Burdened with the promise to buy the house, as well as shortage of cash, my grandma was so grief stricken, she told my mom and aunts to sell the Taiping Garden house to pay off the nice neighbour who promised us the house. The neighbour’s wife even offered them the house and not to her own relative who wanted to buy it for RM13,000!

Story to continue….

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