Port Weld aka Kuala Sepetang

As you know, I was back in Port Weld last weekend. So, I went around snapping a little bit of photos, which had been shared on my instagram. For the benefits of people who didn’t have time to look at my instagram, here are some shots taken in Port Weld.

Ever since the bridge was built to the other side of the river, which could only be reached via sampan earlier years, I finally had the chance to cross the river to the other side of the fishing village. I went a little to every nook and cranny. It was fun.

Hawker Stall

My aunt and uncle’s hawker stall selling refreshments

Hot Afternoon

View in front of my late grandma’s house – it was a hot afternoon!

All in a day's work

A carpenter dropped by to fix my uncle’s wooden cloth bed

The vast river

View from the newly built bridge of the river

Hello kitties!

Cute little kittens

Way to home

A villager’s home front yard

You jump, I jump!

You jump, I jump!

Guardians of homes

Guardians of the homes


A villager hanging out in front of her porch

Lady with an old storyHaving a chat with my aunt’s hair salon 80 year old customer

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