Facebook 10th Anniversary

I think most of us on Facebook have posted our 10th year anniversary video. As for me, mine was a 6th anniversary video. Wow! How time flies! I joined FB on September 13, 2007. Didn’t know what to do with it because that time, we had Friendster and Multiply. I find the layout in FB is more user friendly and probably nicer so, I decided to delete my Friendster and Multiply account and moved to FB to poke other people. Haha.

I was having bouts of insomnia the past few days so having nothing to do, like the people in this era, we would probably keep scrolling our phones till we fall asleep. I did just that and I started to read my old statuses in FB. I ended laughing in stitches.. yes.. very perasan… laughing at my own jokes and ended, couldn’t sleep at all till almost 3.30 am.

Here, I share some of my favorite quotes in my FB status for remembrance sake. Happy 10th Birthday, Facebook!

Never ever buy tubs of ice cream when it’s nearing CNY… they took up space in the fridge.. and I was forced to finish 2.4L ice cream by myself in two days to make way for frozen meat and seafood. Jan 27, 2014

Had an exhausting running around dream. Wish it could burn off some serious calories. Jan 25, 2014

I like telemarketeers from Mumbai. They are so courteous. One guy said to me,”How are you, lady?” Nobody ever calls me a lady before. If he adds “my” in front of lady, I would suddenly turn into a royalty. Ha ha. Aug 16, 2013

World War Z sent my heart beating 120 beats per minute throughout the movie. I have enough exercise for the day. Jul 24, 2013

Almost everybody posting about no school tomorrow.. I am not interested. Got news about no work tomorrow? Then, I sure shiok. Haha. Jun 23, 2013

Power of the mind. When I think of a friend, she appeared on my doorstep bearing gift. This morning, I think of nasi lemak, a colleague shoved a packet into my hands when I met her in the elevator. So now.. I just need to think of a very eligible handsome man…. May 31, 2013

Not a good idea to use Darth Vader’s heavy breathing as sms alert tone. I got the shock of my life just now. LOL May 27, 2013

On my way to meet up with friends for dinner just now, I was at the traffic light when I saw a car broke down. Another car was already there, to help jump start the broken down car. And another motorist came down to assist. The owner of the broken down car is an elderly Indian man. The car who stopped to help, is a Chinese gentleman. The guy who got down his motorbike to assist, is a young Malay chap. We don’t need people to teach us what is unity. Unity runs in everyday lives of ordinary Malaysians. Good hearted and good thinking ordinary Malaysians who can and shall do extraordinary things. It’s dirty politics that trying to divide us. But, together, we shall stand united! April 13, 2013

Contractors are like politicians. Promise you everything, but start giving excuses after excuses once they are hired. Scumbags! Dec 27, 2012

Boss ask, “Eh? No eclipse ah? And darkness?” Colleague: Got. 7 pm la. The sky sure turns dark.” lol. Dec 21, 2012

Sasha told me not to sleep. Wait till 12 am for the world to end. So now, we are now watching TVB and Sasha is digging her nostrils. Dec 20, 2012

Acute bronchitis? I don’t know WHY medical would term it “a cute”. It’s not even cute at all to have bronchitis. They should change it to ascrewed or maybe, afuckedup. More appropriate! Nov 21, 2012

I have a t shirt which says, “Psychokinesis” in front. Then someone took a photo of me with my access card blocking the word, “kinesis”. This is not good. Nov 6, 2012

Saw a lady burning a paper LV bag during Qing ming on Saturday. Am sure the hell that the deceased loved one is in is really fasionable one! April 2, 2012

Year 2011 is a very bad year for tyrants and extremists… Osama.. Gaddafi.. now Kim Jong-il. Dec 19, 2011

Everybody seems to be more occupied with whether tomorrow is public holiday than the gold we won for football in SEA games.. so.. ada cuti ah? LOL! Congratulations, Harimau Malaya! Nov 21, 2011

Yesterday, I told my sis I am going for facial tonight and she conveniently forgot. So the whole house was searching for me frantically since 7 pm just now. So sorry to my friends who received frantic phone calls from my family members who thought I was kidnapped. They should remember – fat people are harder to kidnap. Oct 5, 2011

Paulo Coelho on how to live.. “Kiss slowly, laugh insanely, live truly, and and forgive quickly.” Sept 1, 2011

First, we have fake eggs… then now, we have fake macaroons.. Malaysia is going to replace China in terms of fake stuffs soon. April 8, 2011

Very distracted by so many handsome hunks in the cinema. I watch them more than the movie! Ah! Dec 19, 2010

Will be away for 9 days. Any msg, please leave it with my washing machine. Cai chien. Dec 4, 2010

I am very rude today. Instead of greeting my colleagues, good morning, I asked, “So, hari ini ada tahi?” LOL Nov 29, 2010 (If you must know, someone shat in the photocopy machine and till today we couldn’t find the culprit)

Feeling a little rebellious as I’ve yet to removed the black paint from my finger nails. It’s going to be a bad ass weekend! Oct 15, 2010

My friend asked, how far was I from where Adam Lambert is standing.. I said, close enough to be able to see his chest hair. Woot! Oct 15, 2010

Freaked out when the nuns appeared out of nowhere carrying lanterns in the dark. Don’t play play.. it’s the 7th month! Aug 15, 2010 (Was watching a play at KL Pac, Sentul)

Watched Inception for the second time. Still thinks one should wear bullet proof vest to sleep. Aug 1, 2010

Had a premonition last night that petrol will naik harga today, so she filled up her Ferrari last night.. Is she turning into Paulie? July 15, 2010 (Pauline the Octopus predicting who won the world cup!)

Has never been so excited watching a TVB series. The 3rd wife should have slapped the shit out of the first wife a LOOOONNNGGGGG time ago! If can, please chat kui sek kao si!!!!! (force her to eat dog shit!) Jul 11, 2010

Found something to wear to sis’ wedding that doesn’t resemble a bed sheet. This is good news. Sept 5, 2009

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