The Man in Black Mesh Top

Been thinking of a man of the past. The man in black mesh top.

Had two dreams in two consecutive nights – not related.. and nothing dirty! Couldn’t really recall the dreams but they were pleasant. He is still his young self in my dreams – tall, dark and athletic. In both dreams, what I remember was his megawatt smile. His perfectly aligned teeth in his soft supple lips. How do I know his lips are supple? Well, I don’t. I just imagine they were. His eyes turned into two long slits because he was grinning ear to ear as he was teasing me incessantly.

When I woke up, the memories of yesteryears flooded my mind. They were all bittersweet memories. Weird thing was, the brain somehow selectively chose the good memories, amplify them and discarding bad ones. The neurons just happened to sweep away the bitter memories. Perhaps signs of old age… forget the past, keep the good ones, live in the present and bring on the future?

So, what’s with this black mesh top?

I was watching Girls HBO’s episode where Hannah was trading her skimpy top to a even skimpier yellow mesh tank top while high on drugs. The sight of the yellow mesh top just triggered some cells in my brain.

I remember him telling me he once wore a black mesh top and went out with his friends to Sg. Wang. Well, he has a nice body and has every right to flaunt it if you ask me. Further it was such an 80s thing.. maybe he went for some costume party? I am not sure but he sure has his own peculiar style of dressing.

He was having teh tarik with his friends when suddenly an old woman came from behind him, hugged him and grabbed his chest. She ran away after that. He was confused and shocked at the same time. Probably all his friends laughed till they fell off their chairs. I would if I were there! I think it was a pretty hilarious moment!

There you have it.. seriously funny incident of the man in black mesh top.

4 thoughts on “The Man in Black Mesh Top

  1. Ahahahaha…. Yes, I remember those mesh top days…. Fat Dragon had a green one and he wore it when we went on an excursion to the PD light house (those days, he even sported a perm…aiks)…. When we were there, I recall a couple of young Malay chaps struck a conversation with us and asked Fat Dragon.. ‘Lu datang dari mana?…..’ KL’.. he answered… To which they added…’oh, Jinjang kah?’…. Wonder if that query was prompted by the gangster aura of a green mesh top… Or was it the perm????

    • Hahaha!! Oh! So it’s an 80s thingy right? Coz I remember seeing some singers donning them on also on stage. Hahaha! Wah! Fat Dragon so ganas one ah? Wear green mesh some more?? Hahahaha!!

      Ya… I guess the mesh thingy is a Jinjang thing.. the same as having DOHC plastered all over their Wira modified to look like Mitsubishi Evo! Haha!

      I could never imagine Fat Dragon in perm! Photos please!

      • Aiyoh…. Those days mana orang go around cam-whoring one lah……. Afraid you would just have to use your imagination….. But on the other hand, don’t! Nanti, nightmare pulak!

        • True also.. coz one roll of film 36 would cost about Rm8… then we have to develop all 36 just to see the camwhore ones. LOL! Really waste of money! So imagine how crazy I was when I first got my digital camera.. but… am not pretty enough to camwhore.. so no camwhoring lo.

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