Random Notes


Nowadays, if there’s no rain the whole day, I would panic. Imagine now, we are all living in the 21st Century and we have to worry about where we are getting our water??

I have a friend who works in Cambodia and told me that, the bosses of a brewery in Cambodia open their business in Cambodia and never have to face water shortage even during the longest drought. We are in Malaysia, for God’s sake! We are already a developing nation… 8 years ago, Phnom Penh looked like Ipoh during the 70s.. now it’s already developing really fast with sky scrappers and even a Ferris Wheel near Sisowath Quay. I remember reading a news on Asian Games and it was a Cambodian who is leading in the swimming event! Vietnam even bypass us already in Science and Technology ranking! This is shit man!

Bread Baking Bug

I went on a bread baking spree the past one week. Well, I know that I am those type who has very short attention span, so if I am into the mood to bake bread, I better take this advantage to bake healthy breads for my family. My friend, whose husband is a chef, bakes their daily bread! She said, the bread sold on counters has too much additives that they might affect brain synapses in children. Well, I guess not that bad lah. Just that, if you bake bread yourself, you could opt for unbleached flour, control the sugar and salt level.. and you know for sure you don’t have any foreign or unwanted ingredients in it!

Since I am just starting to catch the bread baking bug, I didn’t want to invest in a bread maker. It simply doesn’t make sense to spend RM250 to buy a bread maker machine and use 3-5 hours of electricity each time! Also, I have a feeling that I might just abandon the machine after a few months!

So now, I am just googling for no knead bread recipes. So far, the results have been quite pleasing.. so I guess I am going to stick with this recipe and would add on other ingredients when I am more familiar with the bread making process. Yup.. am getting more and more “aunty”! Haha.

First attempt
Second attempt


Now, I think I can’t stand it when it’s cold. Even in the office with only 22C air cond. I would turn it off whenever it’s raining because I could feel the coldness sipping into my bones. Sigh. I guess it’s sign of old age.

Too Domesticated

I think I am overly domesticated now. I rather spend time at home, than going out. That explains why nobody is asking me to go out anymore. Most friends now go out among themselves coz they don’t have to accommodate my requests to meet only at places familiar to me – like Lau Heong and One Utama. Haha. Can’t blame them. Ah well, my adventurous streak seemed to end abruptly. Not that I am complaining. I think my laziness has evolved into a full blown level. Sorry friends… it was nice knowing all of you. Lol.

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