A small and insignificant soul in Kuala Lumpur, yet surprisingly loved (hopefully) by her family and friends.

An avid reader, a gossip monger, a drama queen, a glutton goddess, an amateur photographer, a friend, a daughter, a sister – all rolled into one.

Constantly reminding herself that life is all that is now; to expect less and accept things she cannot change. With such liberation, it would be easier to stroll along this path called life.

Inspired by a friend’s advice and simple guide to life, she embarks on a life journey to seek these three things:-

1. Find something to do.
2. Find someone to love.
3. Find something to look forward to.

While waiting for things to materialize or when the going gets tough, she relies earnestly on one thing; she dreams.

28 thoughts on “Who?

  1. May I have your permission to use the excellent pic you took of the bronze statue of His Excellency R.S.F Walker (Perak Museum) in my blog, please?

    Thank You …..

  2. You poor dear…everyone deserves to be loved, everyone deserves to be loved unconditionally.

    Sometimes love is like a butterfly:if you chase after it, it may fly all over. If you just sit quietly, it might just land on you.

    A drunk is not a Christian…that is why there are no drunken Christians…

  3. ?What happened to the cannibal and the drunken Christian?

    Er…your new tag line…maybe you got the sequence the other way round – ?

    Try this..scratch where it itches…empty what’s full…fill what’s empty…

  4. Lemond Aniel: Uhm.. the cannibal had turned vegetarian and the Christian is no longer a drunk – like you said, a drunk is not a Christian and there is no drunken Christian..

    I don’t know if the tag line is reversed.. but if you see carefully, the picture of the header is also reversed. Everything is upside down in this blog. So, may I suggest perhaps, you should start tilting your head the other way to read it. Haha!

  5. Hi just found your blog!Very interesting!
    I am travelling to Malaysia next week and need some help.. may i email you?

  6. Very interesting thoughts you have here. I have no idea who you are – I was looking up “Na Tuk Kung” to know more about this deity and came across your blog!

    Anyway, Cheers!

  7. Hi Gina, I have a question on the snow lotus enzyme, but I couldn’t make a comment on the relevant page. sorry for posting here – feel free to delete this after you’ve seen it. My snow lotus enzyme doesn’t seem to be growing although the fermentation seems to be going on fine – I can still taste the alchol after brewing it for several days. Is there anything wrong if the enzyme doesn’t seem to be multiplying?

    • Hi Q. Sorry for disabling the comment section for that post. I did it because I didn’t want to follow up anymore because, I worry some people might take it as medical advice!

      If your snow lotus don’t seem to grow, meaning it’s nearing their “expiry” already. Have you cultivated the same batch over 3 months? If so, you have to get a new batch of snow lotus. Mine died altogether because of the hot weather and my “supplier” doesn’t have them anymore as well. So, we have stopped cultivating for over a year now.

  8. Thanks for your reply Gina! yes we’ve been cultivating for more than 3 months, but not sure if it’s the same batch. Since you stopped consuming the snow lotus enzyme, did you sense that you enjoyed better health when you were still consuming the enzyme?

    • I felt that my health was better when I took snow lotus enzyme. My joints used to feel stiff whenever I get up in the morning. Need some time to warm up before I could get up. After I consumed the enzyme, I could walk without warming up, and there was no pain!

      Now, even without enzyme, the pain came back a little but not as bad as last time liao. So far, still ok lah, not consuming the enzyme.

  9. Hi Gina, sorry to ask another snow lotus enzyme-related question. I read some testimonials of people washing their face with the snow lotus enzyme and having their acne cleared as a result. Do you know if they just used the snow lotus enzyme without using any facial cleanser? In other words, is a facial cleanser unnecessary if you use snow lotus enzyme to wash your face? After using the snow lotus enzyme on your face, do you need to wash off with water? I’m trying to find out how exactly do you use snow lotus enzyme in their skin care regime, but can’t find any info other than the testimonials. You can email me back if you prefer not to have these posted on your blog. Thanks again!

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