Random Notes


Nowadays, if there’s no rain the whole day, I would panic. Imagine now, we are all living in the 21st Century and we have to worry about where we are getting our water??

I have a friend who works in Cambodia and told me that, the bosses of a brewery in Cambodia open their business in Cambodia and never have to face water shortage even during the longest drought. We are in Malaysia, for God’s sake! We are already a developing nation… 8 years ago, Phnom Penh looked like Ipoh during the 70s.. now it’s already developing really fast with sky scrappers and even a Ferris Wheel near Sisowath Quay. I remember reading a news on Asian Games and it was a Cambodian who is leading in the swimming event! Vietnam even bypass us already in Science and Technology ranking! This is shit man!

Bread Baking Bug

I went on a bread baking spree the past one week. Well, I know that I am those type who has very short attention span, so if I am into the mood to bake bread, I better take this advantage to bake healthy breads for my family. My friend, whose husband is a chef, bakes their daily bread! She said, the bread sold on counters has too much additives that they might affect brain synapses in children. Well, I guess not that bad lah. Just that, if you bake bread yourself, you could opt for unbleached flour, control the sugar and salt level.. and you know for sure you don’t have any foreign or unwanted ingredients in it!

Since I am just starting to catch the bread baking bug, I didn’t want to invest in a bread maker. It simply doesn’t make sense to spend RM250 to buy a bread maker machine and use 3-5 hours of electricity each time! Also, I have a feeling that I might just abandon the machine after a few months!

So now, I am just googling for no knead bread recipes. So far, the results have been quite pleasing.. so I guess I am going to stick with this recipe and would add on other ingredients when I am more familiar with the bread making process. Yup.. am getting more and more “aunty”! Haha.

First attempt
Second attempt


Now, I think I can’t stand it when it’s cold. Even in the office with only 22C air cond. I would turn it off whenever it’s raining because I could feel the coldness sipping into my bones. Sigh. I guess it’s sign of old age.

Too Domesticated

I think I am overly domesticated now. I rather spend time at home, than going out. That explains why nobody is asking me to go out anymore. Most friends now go out among themselves coz they don’t have to accommodate my requests to meet only at places familiar to me – like Lau Heong and One Utama. Haha. Can’t blame them. Ah well, my adventurous streak seemed to end abruptly. Not that I am complaining. I think my laziness has evolved into a full blown level. Sorry friends… it was nice knowing all of you. Lol.

Basic Customer Service

I was at the clinic yesterday for my routine high blood pressure check ups. I went during lunch time after a short lunch, so I could go back to office in time to clock in for second half of the day.

Arrived at the clinic around 1.35 pm so I was thinking, I probably could make it on time back to office. When it was my turn, I quickly got over with it and finished consulting the doctor by 1.55 pm.

When I went out to get my prescription, I saw the nurses closing down the main door of the clinic, supposedly closing for the day till they reopen at 6 pm.

There was a new nurse in the clinic so, the lady boss (who is the doctor’s wife) is briefing the new girl before she’s off for the day. I stared at the new nurse and she saw me looking at her so she asked the lady boss to give me my prescription first. The lady boss can brief her later.. but no.. the lady boss kept on talking to her as if I were invisible.

A few minutes later, came an elderly patient into the clinic and asked if the clinic still could see one more person. The lady boss didn’t appear to hear her so I asked the lady boss loudly if the doctor could see another patient. Then lady boss merely grunted yes. So I helped the elderly lady to write down her name. So I handed the name to the lady boss and she appeared disinterested.

Then, the elderly lady – being old and fussy, kept repeating her question if she should wait for the doctor. The lady boss just ignored her. I told the elderly lady to have a seat while waiting – a customer directing another customer to sit down.

By the time I got back to office, it was already 2.34 pm.. and it took me only 5 minutes to drive to office from the clinic.. so imagine how long I was made standing at the prescription counter, with a hunch back old lady repeating questions and being ignored.

That moment, I’ve made up my mind not to patronize this clinic anymore for prescription. I have pharmacist friends and other alternatives to get drugs, even if I don’t get to claim my medical expenses from my office. I feel there’s no point giving business to this clinic if they don’t even have basic customer service. I really like the doctor. He’s a nice man but his wife is a real BITCH!


When my friend from Penang came visiting, my mom already started to have funny ideas. She asked me if this girlfriend of mine is still single and available? I said yes. She wanted to introduce her to our long distance cousin brother. Well, this cousin brother is a quiet guy, nerdy and balding. I think he totally has no social skill, as far as I could recall. I remember meeting him during college, and I walked over with another friend to have a meal with him. Throughout the whole dinner, he was smiling lecherously at my friend – which I hope she didn’t notice and didn’t say much. I am not sure if he’s shy or he’s just socially awkward. We quickly finished dinner and left.

So, I was against the idea. I think he’s a nice guy but maybe not somebody for my friend, who is a high flyer and has illustrious lifestyle. Further, she’s based in Penang and he’s in KL. At his age.. I think he’s probably 40 now, I am sure he would have found someone by now if he’s not that choosy. I heard his parents tried match making him with a few ladies and he turned them all down.

I remember once, my sister was too subject to matchmaking. Some “pat por” (busy body) aunt of ours was in the market when she met this wine maker family. The family has a son whom the mother is anxious for him to get married. So she asked the par por aunt if she has any nieces to introduce. Pat Por Aunt thought of my family – with the most girls and none are taken. So, she told the wine maker aunty to come to my house. Pat Por Aunt was thinking of my cousin sister – who is born in the year of Monkey. The wine maker aunty is very traditional and adhere to feng shui and calculation of horoscopes. So my cousin sister found out and refused to even come down to see the guy. So, ended my sister is the one who got pushed into meeting the guy. He’s not a very tall person and he looked the least interested in what’s going on. I guess he’s being forced into this by the mother like my sister. That night itself, the mother forced her son and my sister to go on a date. They don’t even know where to go, so I told them to go to Hartamas or Mont Kiara and drink coffee. Haha. That time, in Selayang, there’s no proper coffee shop.

Both of them went on a date. It was really awkward at first. But then, my sister was relieved that the guy is rather friendly and both of them agreed that this is too ridiculous and laughed about it. So they were just merely meeting for the sake of the mother. They only went on date once – that one forced date. Haha.

A few years ago, we were attending a friend’s wedding when my friend’s boyfriend had too much to drink. He suddenly became this very chatty person. He’s usually rather quiet and would mind his own business. But that night, suddenly, alcohol just took over his body and he started to talk too much. He asked me if I am interested to meet his Taiwanese friend – who is also his business partner. He said, his Taiwanese friend is looking for a wife and I would fit the bill. I was like, WTF??? He said his Taiwanese friend loves food very much and would like to have a girlfriend/wife who can share the same passion as him. I said if I were to become his girlfriend, he would double his size in no time, since I like to eat too. He said, he’s already a very big man himself and doesn’t mind if he’s bigger! I have a friend who has a Taiwanese husband and boy, that man could drink a lot.. a lot as in.. he spent Rm10k on drinking bills alone per month. So, I said to my friend’s bf. Does he drink a lot? He said yes. Taiwanese generally drinks alot. He doesn’t gamble, he never womanized, but he drinks and smokes alot. That’s the deal breaker lah. I cannot tolerate smokers and worse, drinkers as well? So I told him to forget it. Haha. There goes my chance to become a Taiwanese businessman’s wife. LOL! Actually, come to think of it – Taiwanese has so many pretty women and they are all very polite. He should go get his wife among Taiwanese who would know how to appreciate such lifestyle of drinking.

I am never good at matchmaking, according to my mom. None of the couples I tried to match make works. Even when my sister is going out with the wine maker son, my mom prohibited me from going with her because I am a “bad luck” she said. Sigh. But it didn’t work out for both of them even when I was not there – so I supposed I am not THAT bad? Haha.

A Day at the Bank

I usually don’t go to banks unless I have to. This time, is to collect my supplementary credit card for my sister. The bank did a good job by blocking the card even before we activated it for use. We were waiting for the renewal card and when it came, even before we activated it, they found one online transaction in the US. So, they promptly blocked the card and issued us a replacement card.

We supposed to collect the replacement card in a branch of our choice. I was told to wait a week for it and they will call me as soon as they sent the card to the branch. A week came to past and nobody inform me anything. So I called them up and asked have they sent the card to the branch. They did. So I asked them, why didn’t they call me like they promised? The customer service person just repeated that, the card is already there and asked me to go collect it.

Went to the bank 20 minutes before lunch time is over. It’s already 2.05 pm and it was yet my turn. I am here just to collect my credit card. How hard is that ah? Waited a total 35 minutes just to go to the counter and asked for my card. I prayed they don’t bloody screw up.

The moment I sat at the counter, the guy on the counter shook his head a few times. I didn’t even bother to ask why. Then he just voluntarily told me. The lady just now got her car window smashed.. so she was there to make replacement of cards. I asked him if this is a daily incident? Everyday, there will be victims coming in to replace cards? He shrugged it off and mumbled, “What do you think?” So, I said again – “Every damn day?” He suddenly realized he’s sharing too much so, he said, “Not everyday lah!”

So, he wanted to verify my IC. I passed it to him. He slotted it in the scanner and guess what? The scanner jammed. So much for efficiency. Then he went to manually photocopy my IC as a record. In total, it took me almost 45 minutes just to collect a bloody credit card.

Hope your Friday had been better.


We were discussing about how equipped our company’s pantry is and of course, disappointed. Haha. I still remember during my first job – my company had a tea lady who made coffee and milo every 10 am and 3 pm for our coffee breaks and wheeled the cups to us at our cubicle for us to choose! How nice! Then, there’s another company who had a tea lady who made the best Nescafe in town! I think she could even rival the mamak shops! I

In my current company, we only have choice of coffee or tea. Then to add insult to the already measly choice, we are the only ones not having Milo in our pantry. It seems, it stemmed from the wastages or rather pilferage earlier, committed by the ex tea lady. Other colleague mentioned that, some people are simply too wasteful. They will drink one small mug of Milo but, put 5 scoops in it! She even saw people pouring away 1/2 mug of Milo when they couldn’t finish it. And we all at our floor, seething with anger coz we don’t have Milo! Haha.

This discussion sort of jog my memory of a story I read or, someone told me many years ago.

There were two sisters who always like to waste their food. Every time they go out, they would order plenty of food but only ate 10% of them because they said, they were on a diet. Then one of the sisters, died in an accident and was sent to hell. The other surviving sister was heart broken and dreamed of the dead sister one night.

She saw her sister eating and kept eating a whole pile of food, like a few storeys of building high! So, she ran to her sister, crying and asked her, “My dear sis! Why are you eating? And why are you eating such a big pile of food!”

The dead sister was chewing and trying to swallow, with tears streaming down her face. “This is my punishment for wasting food when I was alive! So, I have to pay for this, in my afterlife by eating all the food I wasted!” Then, she kept crying and eating.

The living sister cried even harder and said, “I pity you sister! You still have another huge pile of food to eat!” pointing helplessly to another pile of food next to the pile that the dead sister was eating.

The dead sister looked up, choking on the food and said, “Sis! The other pile is actually waiting for you when you die!”

So kids, it’s not good to waste food!