Of Elephants and Meteorites

It is year 2042. The world is surrounded in water mass. There’s sparse land. Humans are made to live like nomads. As and when water beginning to deepen, they would have to move their houses on the back of the elephants to shallower waters. At times, the flood got so bad that elephants have to be chained together, hoping with their sheer weight alone, could assist to avoid from being swept away.

To add to the sufferings by the people, there’s also a threat of meteorites. They are coming in contact with earth numerous times and caused so much catastrophe. If you ask me, it’s all human’s doing – for not respecting Mother Earth as they should have.

There is a mission to go to the meteorites and blast them out before they hit the earth. I am summoned to be in one of the mission. Other groups have blasted their assigned meteorites and safely arrived back to earth, with the exception of my group. At the very last minute, the bomb decided to malfunction and we have to manually activate it. I couldn’t leave my partner alone in doing that, so I volunteered to stay with him till the bomb is activated and made a run to our space ship.

We are already in the space ship and the bomb behind us detonated. We could feel the heat of the bomb right behind us, even when we were in our space ship, on the race back to earth. Since our coordination of the space ship got altered due to the impact of the blast, we braced for a rough entrance into the earth’s ozone layer. It isn’t too bad as the earth ozone layer had thinned over the years, so we landed less tumultuously into the vast sea of blue.

Then there is a sudden breeze. A really cold breeze. I feel like going to the toilet. Then, I woke up.

Must be because of the anti histamine pills I am taking before sleep, due to some allergies to food. Oh boy! I woke up even more tired than before I go to bed.

Wrong Importance

I had another bout of weird dreams again this morning.

When I was about to wake up at around 7 am, I had a series of weird dreams. I was a participant in a local talent Astro Star Search (blame my family members for watching it just now!). From the tv, I realized that I’ve been belting out mostly songs by male artists.. the likes of Nat King Cole and other unidentified male artists, mainly blues or old rock. I looked at myself in the mirror, I still looked pretty much like myself, just with a shorter hair cut.

I donned on my glasses and found out I looked a little like Han Hong – the famous China artist.  I overheard debates around me that, I was born a female but suddenly morphed into a male. Some even speculated that I am a hermaphrodite, with two sex organs in my body. I checked my IC number, it was an even number so meaning I am a woman! There were news flash everywhere, arguing whether I am a male or a female. It took the whole newspapers till the center spread!

Well, this post is not about my dream. It’s about people’s perception. It’s funny to think when one dwell so much on really, unimportant and petty stuff like that, when one should actually see is the talent of a person. Who cares if the person is a male or a female? If he or she could sing really well, or perhaps could master instruments, or do a great deal for the country – who cares if the person is male or female, his or her skin color or religion of this talented person? Or which school this person is from, who is this person connected to, or whether he or she is heterosexual or homosexual or bisexual, etc? It is a shame that there aren’t many people who could cultivate to place importance on things that really matter and not wasting time thinking of irrelevant stuffs! When we focus on things that don’t really matter, we lose sight of our goal or targeted destination.

Just food for thought.. or rather.. a late blue Monday’s rambling!

Bloody Dream

I had a vivid dream during my afternoon nap yesterday. I was drifting in and out of sleep with many scattered dreams – if I remember correctly, I was at a concert and walking about at some European city, etc. when suddenly, images of slain men in prussian blue boxers lying on a slow moving truck trailer appeared. They were all bearded men and they all looked alike! Even the positions of their limbs lying on the trailer were identical, except they were laid a little haphazardly.

I was looking at the trailer from a bird’s eye view. As the trailer was moving along, I saw more dead bodies but this time, I saw their hearts were all hanging out from their bodies. As if they knew I was curious and asking, “Why?”, a voice in my head said to me, “This is to make sure that they are dead!”.

A whiff of zinc pierced my nostrils, I knew for sure it was the smell of blood. There was a man mopping up the blood on the trailer’s floor with two more other people, seen cutting open the corpses’ chest to lay out the hearts, as if they were butchering some dead cattle. Then, they looked up, at me. Their stares sent chills to my spine. I felt suffocated and I woke up, breaking in hot, afternoon sweat.

Skinny Men in Small Gondolas

I couldn’t really recall this dream in its entirety as everything was rather fast moving and chaotic.

I was making a trip to somewhere on a flying chair. It was something like chair lift, the one you sat on before you jump off the slope to ski?

I was with a friend and we were flying passed bridges, rivers, fields, caves, tunnels, etc with refreshing wind caressing our faces. It was really wild and fun. The scenery was breathtakingly beautiful. Then we passed by a canal occupied by small gondolas.

There were many, many small gondolas moving in unison towards one direction. Since the gondolas were very small, it could only occupy one man each. They were very skinny men dressed in traditional Vietnamese costume, the áo dài and were all wearing straw conical hat, Nón lá as well. Their áo dài were exclusively in shades of blue or red, no other colors. They were not paddling. Their mini gondolas were making way on their own rather swiftly.

I chuckled at the sight as I remember the scene in Pirates of the Caribbean whereby there were many single occupant boats moving towards one direction to the Death Valley.

Then, my friend warned me not to laugh at the dead people as it would stir their souls into unrest. The warning came too late. As soon as he finished warning me, I felt one of the men grabbed my right leg. We were almost thrown off our chair lift. The grip was strong and he didn’t want to let go.

My friend then told me to shout in order to frighten the dead soul so he could let me go. I shouted once but he could not hear me. Then, I shouted the second time, “OI!!!” at the top of my voice.

I woke up, startled by my own scream. I was glad it was merely a dream.