Last month, my cousins went back to Kuala Sepetang to attend a wake. A distance relative’s daughter passed away from cancer. She was the eldest daughter of the family and she was unmarried. The parents loved her very much because she took the responsibility as the eldest sister to work and bring home the bacon to ease the parents’ burden. All her life, she’s been working really hard to ensure her siblings have to enough to eat and go to school while she neglected her own health and affairs.

Her younger brother got married a few years back and is blessed with two daughters. The brother always wanted a son. So when the wife was pregnant with the third child, the eldest sister promised to help with the newborn, she could even become her godmother. But somehow, fate took the upper hand, and took her life away instead.

The wife gave birth to another baby daughter, much to the husband’s dismay. He loathed the daughter and kept asking if anybody would want to keep the baby as he doesn’t want a daughter and he wants a son badly.

Honestly, I don’t know what is wrong with this idiotic fella. This is the new era. I think daughters would be able to take care of their parents better than sons. No offense to the guy readers out there. If you observe around you, most guys who got married would move away from their parents because pressure from wives, who prefer not to live with their husband’s parents, especially mother-in-laws. I guess they have this stereotyped mentality that all mother-in-laws are from hell. Although there were many cases MILs can be a real pain in the ass, they must always remember, where their husbands came from. Yes – from your mother in law’s vagina, whether you like it or not!

Ok! Before I get carried away discussing this topic which might burst a blood vein in my brain.. I better not deviate.

So, back to the story of the unwanted baby. The father (who is also some sort of our distant relative) asked us if we would want to adopt the baby. The baby is really cute, gorgeous even! She is perfect with no handicap. Honestly, all of us are tempted to keep the baby, especially when we are already in our late 30s and yet to have a family of our own. I thought of the baby constantly and felt really sad for her. Why would anyone want to part with their own flesh and blood is beyond me. Even her own siblings who are in primary school detest the baby because of their own parents’ rejection. The two sisters also agreed to give the baby sister away because they refused to help to take care of the baby!

A far cry from what my family would do. My uncle lost his father when his sister was born. His mother threw out the baby girl in the dumpster right after birth because she blamed the child for taking away the husband’s life. I don’t remember how did the husband die, but the innocent child was blamed for his death. The mother claimed that the baby is a bad omen which caused her husband’s death.

My uncle – being about six years old that time, ran to the garbage bin to retrieve his sister. He nursed the baby sister together with his brother and kept her alive. I don’t know where he put his sister to bed at night but miraculously, the sister survived. She is probably in her 60s now and my uncle is already in his 70s.

I am saddened by the thought of this relative’s feudal mentality. I am very tempted to adopt the baby myself but I am not too sure if I could handle the responsibility of being a mother. Being a mother scares me. If this really meant to happen in my life, I pray for God’s guidance.

What’s Your Problem?

Ern Ern now turning four this September 15.. and for someone as young as her, she sure has a vast grasp of vocabulary. I guess by starting her young – watching plenty of Sesame Street, Little Einstein and other American shows is proving to be good… however…

Here are some of the things that came out from her mouth, which caught us off guard most of the times.

Story #1

She was climbing down the stairs and her mom was shouting at her not to go downstairs.. and be extra careful.

So she came upstairs again and with a hand on her waist, she said to her mother, "Mommy, so.. what’s your problem? Why did you ask me not to go downstairs?"

Haha. Of course her mom was not amused..

Story #2

Today during lunch, I kept on calling her name and she was ignoring me. So her dad scolded her and asked her to answer me.. so she said to me, "Yes, yi yi… what’s your problem?"

I had to lecture her for 15 minutes on not to use "What’s your problem?" ever again unless she wants to pick up a fight.

Story #3

She was feeling unwell and I asked her if she’s ok. She said she is not. So I asked her if her throat is hurting? That’s why she cannot swallow.

Then she said to me, "My esophagus is in pain. Cannot swallow."


Story #4

The teacher was asking the class to draw watermelons. So all the children were drawing round watermelons. Ern Ern drew a triangle watermelon.

So, the teacher asked her out of curiosity. "Ern Ern, why is your watermelon not round? Why is it triangle?"

To which Ern Ern replied, "Because I’ve cut the watermelon. So it’s triangle."

Luckily, she didn’t add, "What’s your problem?" after that. It would be hilarious.

Random Notes


I think everyone in the nation and the world is mourning for the disappeared plane MH370. It’s befuddling right? To have a huge steel bird disappeared into thin air, just like that. More than 60 hours have passed and not even a sign of the whereabout of the plane. My friends and I had a discussion on some conspiracy theory.. anyway, we surely hope that the plane landed somewhere safe.. and everyone on board is alive and kicking… we are all praying for miracles.

Personal Tax

Was pleasantly surprised to see that for those earning below Rm96,000 would be entitled to additional RM2,000 rebate! I didn’t know till a friend told me yesterday she submitted her personal tax online. Haha! Not a good thing to be happy about though.. wish I could earn more than 96k per year.


A friend of mine is rather obsessed with her religion that she and husband connect almost anything of daily happenings with God. I know, it’s good to have someone to look up to (God – according to Matthew McConaughey in his Oscar acceptance speech!) but.. don’t you think if you mention God far too many times.. it seems that you would appear somewhat deranged. With all due respect, I think it’s good that you are excited over your God but I think it’s just a matter of courtesy to keep things to yourself.

True Detectives

I watched the finale of True Detectives last night. I guess now I understand why Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson will not be in the series next season. I guess it’s a really good closure for both cop buddies – to retire peacefully! Unlike some series – Supernatural… which I stopped watching after Season 5 – I think it’s sometimes good to keep the suspense at its height and retiring at the top.. rather than having things going on and on till we get lost and don’t even understand the point of dragging the show. Like Breaking Bad too.. it went out with a bang with Walter White’s glorious death in the end – keep his spirits alive and his expectations real!

True Detectives and Breaking Bad – must watch!

To Love Is To Risk

I have a friend confiding in me that she thinks a guy is interested in her. The catch is, the guy already has a girlfriend but she’s living abroad. The guy told my friend that he’s been having problems with his girlfriend and not sure if he should break it off. She on the other hand has been supportive and lending a listening ear to this guy.

They got along pretty well and started seeing each other. So after a few months of dining and wining, she finally mustered up the courage to ask him where is their "relationship" heading to? Is he going to break up with the girlfriend finally? Or does he has feelings for her as much as she has for him? The guy just kept quiet and didn’t want to comment. So she just let the matter go.. and they continue to see each other.

Last Friday, he asked her out on Valentine’s Day and even booked a table for two at a nice. fancy restaurant. She was telling me – this is it! He’s telling me that he is choosing me!

I asked her how did she know?

She said excitedly, "Isn’t it obvious? It’s Valentine’s Day! And he chose to spend it with me!"

I shook my head and sighed sadly.

"Sorry, my dear. It doesn’t mean he chose to spend the Valentine’s Day with you… he just doesn’t want to be alone on Valentine’s Day. His girlfriend is overseas. So he’s alone.. and you happen to be around."

Talking about being a wet blanket.

This is a case of having a cake and eat it at the same time.

Of course, I hope that the guy would break off with his girlfriend and chooses to be with my friend, whom I think is a fabulous person. Unfortunately, I was right. The conversation during the supposedly romantic dinner was dry and normal, just like two friends talking about the weather.

I am truly sad for her. I told her, she probably needs to enjoy it while it last. Since he didn’t mention about giving up the girlfriend.. and he’s a foreigner after all.. probably after his stint of work here, he would probably move back to his own country… how are you going to take it then? Are you going to uproot yourself to go with him to prove that you love him? I think you have done whatever you could. You have laid open your heart and soul. It’s up to him to pick them up. Or better still, go find someone else who doesn’t make you an optional choice.

*I don’t know why but this song from Air Supply kept playing in my head now*

"I can wait forever
If you say you’ll be there too
I can wait forever if you will
I know it’s worth it all, to spend my life alone with you"

Love indeed is a tricky thing. If you don’t take risk, you don’t gain. Sometimes it’s too risky you get yourself all bruised and battered. Sometimes some risks are worth to take. I guess it’s better for you to at least experience love and hopefully, love would triumph in the end rather than folding your arms and rejecting chances to embrace it.

“To love is to risk not being loved in return.
To hope is to risk pain.
To try is to risk failure,
but risk must be taken because the greatest hazard in life is to risk nothing.”
– Unknown


I was watching the last episode of HBO Girls Season 2 and was almost in tears when Adam ran half naked across a few blocks, while holding onto facetime with the OCD inflicted Hannah, almost got knocked down by a car, took the subway, ran upstairs to her apartment, Hannah refusing to open the door, barged down the door and swept her off in his embrace. Auww…………. I felt both happy and heart breaking at the same time.

I related this to a friend and she said, it would be nice if Malaysian guys would do that.

I remember my friend told me why she knew that she would marry her then boyfriend. She was having a really bad stomach cramps at work when he called. So he just dropped everything he did, took the train and walked 2 km in the rain to her office to get her home.

Then another case, my friend’s boyfriend. When we were freshly out from Form 5… aged 17… the guy came to my house to accompany me home together with my friend. the 3 of us took bus home. Then, he showed off his skills at playing the piano.

He said he learned to play by the ear.. he played a song which he said he written himself. Not sure if he’s bullshitting but in a 17 year old’s mind, this was probably the most impressionable act. It even made me, the ice queen’s knees buckled.

Then he walked my friend home – about 20 minutes walk from my house. When he was about to go home, it was already 12 am and there was no more bus service. Since it was too expensive to travel by cab and to be exact, he was also poor because we were all students. He actually walked home.. from Selayang to Sg Wang area where he stays..

The next day, he was limping when he appeared at my friend’s college to pick her up to accompany her home.. back to Selayang…..

I was in college and I think a guy was *interested in me. He was my study mate. We both spent every night, studying together, accompanied by Patrick Teoh’s horror stories. I had to translate everything into Cantonese for him because his English is not so good..

One day, it was raining heavily and the place we used to sit – which was behind our rented house renovated to fit in long stretch of study table.. The rain was torrential so it splashed into our tables from the high windows. I ran behind the house, climbed onto the table to close the windows. (That time, I was still small sized lah. LOL) He actually dropped everything he was doing in front of the house and ran to the back. He ordered me to get down before I hurt myself and he closed the windows for me. He told me in future, let the man do all these "heavy duty work".

And who said, chivalry is dead?cleardot.gif

*not only this.. but there were instances he made some chicken essence for me coz I was studying late and even bought me some food and forced me to eat them because he didn’t want me to get gastric due to my "strict" diet. Hope I am not perasan lah! Haha. Gawd.. I miss that guy!