Little God

I was having a conversation with Ern Ern, my soon to be 4-year old niece. She was mumbling about fresh air so I asked her who created fresh air. I expected the answer “God” as we sometimes would tell her the theory of Creation from the Bible.

I got an unexpected answer from the little one.

She said, “Me lah!”

I asked her again how she created fresh air? She doesn’t have anything to create fresh air. I said to her, “Your fart is not considered fresh air ok??!!”

She thought of it a little and then said, “No… I pee pee on the plants.”

I got more amused and asked her, “We are talking about fresh air. What does it gotta do with your pee pee?”

Then she said as-a-matter-of-factly, “I pee pee on the plants. The plants grow and give fresh air.”

I was stunned by her answer. We have a little God in our house.

Birthday Note For Ern Ern 3

Dear Ern Ern,

Sorry for this belated birthday wish. Yi Yi has been thinking of what to write. Yi Yi wrote a post earlier but somehow, Yi Yi doesn’t think it’s appropriate to talk about boys and relationships at tender age of three. Yi Yi knows you are a big girl now, since you refused to wear diapers at home and prefers to use the potty, eventhough you would rather hold your pee until the very last minute and still wet Yi Yi’s bed!

The other day, Yi Yi was shocked when you said the word "Moisturizer" and the Mandarin word, "Si chao". You asked me why are there two bottles of moisturizer on top of my cabinet. And when 3rd Yi Poh called and asked you what are you doing, you mention, "Wa yao si chao" instead of saying the baby words, "pin pong" referring to taking bath. For the life of Yi Yi, Yi Yi doesn’t even think Yi Yi would use the word, "si chao". You are a such a great surprise everyday!

You tend to be overly selfish at times, refusing to share your things. At times, you could also be overly generous. For instance, your mom told me you were force feeding your classmates with honey star cereal. "Eat! Eat! Eat!" you told Precious. Haha. I thought that was hilarious. But when it comes to your toys, especially your new pink scooter, you would gauge people’s eyes out for trying to play with it! Even if the person is your favorite uncle Liang ku ku.

Well, you have to share your toys with other children since you have plenty. You yourself cannot play alone. So let Hansen have some fun whenever he visits you. He highly regards you as Ern Ern jie jie, so you have to be a big girl like you always say you are and be generous.

It’s such a joy to see you grow. Just by being you, Yi Yi found a new meaning to this otherwise mundane life. Yi Yi loves watching you, playing with you eventhough sometimes you drive Yi Yi crazy. Always remember this, that your parents, grandparents, Yi Yi and your beloved aunts and uncles – yes, including the 38 Yi Yi love you very much and if you need anything, anything at all, please do not hesitate to ask for help. We would do whatever we could to help you. Afterall, this is what family is for. To give endless love and unwavering support. It’s wonderful to have you in the family.


Pau (the game) Yi Yi


I think we are really living in highly competitive times.. especially for children.

It all started two months ago when Ern Ern’s classmate decided to throw a birthday party in their kindie. Khyra’s parents decided to have Khyra’s party themed Hello Kitty. So everything was done with Hello Kitty – they have a Hello Kitty cake, party hats, balloons and even gift packs. Everybody was happy and now everybody wants to throw birthday party in class.

Two days ago, Kavendash had his party too in class. His parents even hired Mr Chickie – KFC’s Rooster mascot to come to the kindie to entertain the children! And gave the children toys and kiddie’s meals from KFC!

I told my sister, maybe your husband could dressed up as a clown and do some magic tricks or balloon art, to entertain the children. Otherwise, we will never be able to keep up! *Competitive aunt on the loose!*

Come September 12, Ern Ern will also be having a party in school. She chose “Dora the Explorer” theme. I think we will just stick to Dora cupcakes and goodie bags. I was silently thinking to myself, perhaps I could don a wig, wear a pink t shirt, shorts and carry a knapsack with a map, dress up as Dora… but I couldn’t bring myself to blurt this out of my mouth… I would probably give the children nightmares! LOL!

Funny Moments

Yes. I am writing about my niece again. Ern Ern. Who would have thought, a little baby born with soft palate cleft would be this chatty? I thank God everyday that her surgery went on well and with the rate she’s going, I doubt she would need speech theraphy when she reaches three years old this September.


God pa: Ern Ern, where do you want to go? (In Mandarin)

Ern Ern: Tesco shopping.

God pa: Do you know the way there?

Ern Ern: You are the one driving. You should know the way. (Mandarin: Ni chia che, ni tai lu lah!)

God pa:…… *speechless*

Wash hands

I was having late breakfast with Ern Ern in the kitchen when my mom told me in hokkien, “Boh chui liao!” (Meaning: No water. There’s a water cut)

Ern Ern: No water then how to wash hands?

Mom: Lol! She understands Hokkien also?

Ern Ern: Mei you sui, zhen yang si sou? (Speaking Mandarin to my mom in case she doesn’t understand English.)

Me: LOL!

Ern Ern: Boh chui liao…. sehhh… sehhh… chiu?

Me: Boh chui liao. An chua seh chiu!

Ern Ern: Boh chui liao, an jua seh chiu?

Me: Good girl!

Ern Ern, the multi-lingual and soon… multi-dialect speaker.


Ern Ern: Mommy! Please scratch my back. Itchy.

Mommy helped to rub her back to avoid abrasion on her soft skin.

Ern Ern: No no. Not like this. I want crabby! (Showed claw with her little fingers)

*She meant claws of a crab. LOL!

Children really say the darnest things!

Fast Learner

I have to put this down before I forget. Ern Ern has been making fast progress in terms of speech and antics that, it’s almost unbelievable that it was just about 3 years ago, she arrived home in the form of 2.65kg bundle of joy.


Me: Ern Ern, please dance for me. Show me your dance moves!

Ern Ern: Don’t want.

Me: Why not?

Ern: I am so tired.

Giving instructions

Ern: Yi Yi, I want milk, sleep and see Nai Nai.

Meaning – She wants her milk bottle, lying down on my bed and watch “Fruity Pie” on my lap top.

Pasar Malam

Ern: Tonight cannot go pasar malam.

Me: Why cannot?

Ern: Because it’s raining/ got smoke (haze) – depending on her mood.

Shaking Hands

Sis: Why you don’t want to shake the uncle’s hands just now?

Ern: Because Ern Ern is eating. Hands dirty.