Move it!

I was toying with the idea of going back to my blogspot but somehow, the whole blog interface is not as nice as wordpress. So I decided to continue using wordpress.

Early last week, there’s somehow a nagging thought in my mind that, one day, I might be noticed by the vodka company for using its trademark abs0lut. Well, you know, I am a great fan of this brand of vodka. In fact, most of my yesteryears parties were always filled with this brand and hence the name of the blog, abs0lutginger.

Today, this news woke me up. I know am not as famous as Ikea Hackers (not even nano near there!) but I guess it’s time to move away.

So, if you are still following this blog (if you still bother, actually), please change your blogroll address to the one below. Thank goodness it’s still there for me to use it!

Happy to say, I’ve incorporated all old blogs from blogspot into this “new” address… so altogether, there’s 1358 post altogether since 2004.. and this will be my 1359th post! See you there!

Scars Have Stories

I repainted my car last month. The paint on its bonnet has started to “flake” and fade. It’s due to the accident many years ago, so it was not an original bonnet. Actually, I don’t really care about the esthetics of my car.. just as I don’t really bother how I look like. Haha. Ok, I am quite bothered on how I look like but then, I don’t have the discipline and will power to do something about it. There you have it.. honest answer.

Ok.. back to my car. I accidentally scratch the back of my car when I was backing it out one night, on a rainy November 2003. I still remember the incident vividly. That time, my car was still new. I think I had it less than 4 months into my new job – which I hated.. the job, not the car.

My mom woke me up around 1 am and told me, “Your grandma is dead. She passed away just now”. I thought it was a dream. I quickly got up, went into the room with my mom and saw a motionless body on my bed. My late grandma was visiting and she was sleeping in my room with my cousin sister because she couldn’t tolerate the air conditioned room in the master bedroom.

I went downstairs to call the ambulance. 5 minutes later, we received a call from from an undertaker asking us if we would like his funeral services. I declined politely and was in shock how did these people get my number so fast???

After I called the ambulance, I went to back my car out in order for the ambulance to get into my car porch. With my new sets of driving skills and driving out after being woken up from my sleep… in disbelief that my grandma is gone.. I scratched the right side of my car on the gate. It left quite a significant size of hole at the back of my car. I was annoyed but i was hoping the paramedics in the ambulance would revived my lifeless grandmother.

Unfortunately, they came and certified the time of death. There was a loud wailing in the house. My uncle helped to carry my grandmother down while sobbing loudly. This was probably the first and only time, I saw him cried. We made necessary phone calls to the parents of the children we baby sat to take them home while we make preparations for my grandma’s funeral.

After busy preparing for my grandma’s funeral and returning to the job which I loathed… I don’t have time to patch the hole up. It soon became a fixture on my car. If there’s a row of silver colored Kenari on the parking lot, with the plat numbers removed, that would be the identification for my car.

So, last month, I sent my car for a fresh coat of sparkling silver paint. The “scar” on my car is gone. But rest assured, the memories of my late grandmother will forever remained in my heart.

Value of Money

Yesterday, I went to Coliseum Cafe in KL. Nostalgia… not a good one.

I still vividly remember the first time I stepped foot into the restaurant when I first started working 14 years ago.

I was a lowly paid assistant in a management firm, with starting salary of RM1,000. Once you minus the EPF and what not, I was left with only RM800 to spend per month. I have to foot the phone bill for my house since I was the one using the internet the most. I need the money for my daily commute to work via the bus… and also breakfast and lunch money, sometimes dinner if I had to work late. It’s a miracle that those friends from outstation – have to pay rent on top of their daily expenditure have to put up with such small budget!

Not even two weeks into the job, my colleagues decided to have lunch at Coliseum. Truth to be told, I didn’t know the prices here as I hardly go out during that time. I was shocked to see the pricing on the menu. A steak at Rm39.90 or was it RM40? I couldn’t simply afford to pay for the steak! I could if I wanted to but then, should I be paying that much?

So I settled for a very sad Rm15.90 chicken ham sandwich while my other colleagues happily tucked into their chicken chops and steaks. They asked me why didn’t I order the steak as it’s a highly recommended dish in the restaurant? I sheepishly said I wasn’t that hungry. I could have said I couldn’t afford it but my ego would be at stake! Who knows? My boss could have paid for my meal? Haha! *Note to WWF and TBH. Haha!

After that day, I vowed I would make enough money to return to eat at this restaurant. I never did till yesterday.. perhaps I was too intimidated by the disgruntled looks from the old waiters? The lack of parking space? The jam?

So yesterday, my cousin sis and a friend decided to brave the rain to go downtown to Pertama Complex to get their badminton shoes, I decided to go with them. After which, we planned to go to have a meal at Coliseum. I was quite excited, frankly speaking! But my excitement was not properly reciprocated. It was a let down.. service wise is good – they replaced the old waiters with young people and foreign workers….the chicken chop is not too bad… but the steak… bleh.

Am not dedicating this post to Coliseum. I am just wondering how the young people these days afford to eat lavishly at fancy restaurants even more expensive than Coliseum! Also, designer coffees starting at Rm10 per cup… everyday…. and some people even commented they cannot live without those coffee… with utmost respects to coffee lovers and barristas, I simply couldn’t comprehend drinking such expensive coffee on daily basis! What happen to good old fashioned Aik Cheong kopi-O?

The moment I logged into my instagram, my feed would be flooded with photos of coffee and expensive food from young people who just started working.. some of them don’t even work (whom I know personally)..

I guess they are lucky to have rich parents. It’s splendid to have rich parents.. but it’s better to have parents who could teach you on the value of money.


22nd April 2014, Tuesday

Had a short meet up with friends I met from IRC back in 1998. We have been keeping in touch throughout the years. Kat aka Sugarfree – has migrated to UK since she started studying there and met her British husband in university. We would meet as and when she is back to Malaysia for a short holiday.

Those days were a riot! We would meet online in channel #marquis and talked all night! Sometimes, we would just go out for supper at 4 am. It was really crazy. Thank God during those times, Malaysia was still considered rather safe. I could go out by myself at night and returned home at 4 am with no untoward incident. Why can’t we go back to that stage of peace and tranquility?

The thing is, this Kat, she would be online almost 24 hours and yet, she managed to score straight As in her A levels, obtained a scholarship to study chemical engineering in UK and since she did really well, she furthered her phd studies immediately and graduated with the title Dr by age 26. Super impressive neh?? As for me, not so lucky. I think I spent too much time talking on the internet and fell asleep in most of my classes that I had to repeat some of them. Not a good thing to share but, I think that was fun.. at least, I still manage to graduate! Haha.

It’s nice to catch up with Sugarfree, alienskin aka demonspit and ^ChRiStiNe aka Becky. We now living our different lives now – marriage, children, career path, etc. It’s good to have Facebook to keep track of what’s going on in the lives of the people we care about most.

Passing of Mr Karpal Singh

17th April 2014, Thursday

The night before, there was a full moon. In fact, I heard it was blood red in colour. I went to snap photos of the moon, it had a tinge of bright orange and if you looked long enough, it might turn red. It was so bright that it sort of sting your eyes a little if you stare too long. That night, I prayed that God bless the moon and God bless everyone on earth.

Then a sad news happened.

I was just getting ready for work when I received a Line message from a friend. “Karpal Singh killed in an accident!”

My only reaction was disbelief and hope it wasn’t true. Hoping it was some sick prank.

Unfortunately, it was true. My facebook page was flooded by condolences notes and utterance of disbelief and sadness.

Mr Karpal Singh, our country has lost one of her towering Malaysian and a favorite son who relentlessly fought for justice and fairness. You will be sorely miss. We will keep you and your family in our most earnest prayers. May your soul rest in peace.