Random Notes


Nowadays, if there’s no rain the whole day, I would panic. Imagine now, we are all living in the 21st Century and we have to worry about where we are getting our water??

I have a friend who works in Cambodia and told me that, the bosses of a brewery in Cambodia open their business in Cambodia and never have to face water shortage even during the longest drought. We are in Malaysia, for God’s sake! We are already a developing nation… 8 years ago, Phnom Penh looked like Ipoh during the 70s.. now it’s already developing really fast with sky scrappers and even a Ferris Wheel near Sisowath Quay. I remember reading a news on Asian Games and it was a Cambodian who is leading in the swimming event! Vietnam even bypass us already in Science and Technology ranking! This is shit man!

Bread Baking Bug

I went on a bread baking spree the past one week. Well, I know that I am those type who has very short attention span, so if I am into the mood to bake bread, I better take this advantage to bake healthy breads for my family. My friend, whose husband is a chef, bakes their daily bread! She said, the bread sold on counters has too much additives that they might affect brain synapses in children. Well, I guess not that bad lah. Just that, if you bake bread yourself, you could opt for unbleached flour, control the sugar and salt level.. and you know for sure you don’t have any foreign or unwanted ingredients in it!

Since I am just starting to catch the bread baking bug, I didn’t want to invest in a bread maker. It simply doesn’t make sense to spend RM250 to buy a bread maker machine and use 3-5 hours of electricity each time! Also, I have a feeling that I might just abandon the machine after a few months!

So now, I am just googling for no knead bread recipes. So far, the results have been quite pleasing.. so I guess I am going to stick with this recipe and would add on other ingredients when I am more familiar with the bread making process. Yup.. am getting more and more “aunty”! Haha.

First attempt
Second attempt


Now, I think I can’t stand it when it’s cold. Even in the office with only 22C air cond. I would turn it off whenever it’s raining because I could feel the coldness sipping into my bones. Sigh. I guess it’s sign of old age.

Too Domesticated

I think I am overly domesticated now. I rather spend time at home, than going out. That explains why nobody is asking me to go out anymore. Most friends now go out among themselves coz they don’t have to accommodate my requests to meet only at places familiar to me – like Lau Heong and One Utama. Haha. Can’t blame them. Ah well, my adventurous streak seemed to end abruptly. Not that I am complaining. I think my laziness has evolved into a full blown level. Sorry friends… it was nice knowing all of you. Lol.

Random Notes


Too much rubbish in the news lately. I am not saying the hard copies of newspapers coz I NEVER read physical newspapers since 2008. Even online now, whenever I open a webpage, the argument over the "A" word is simply too exhausting, trivial and downright stupid. Ah.. forget it.. I am going to retreat into my own world with HBO Girls playing on my laptop. I need my liberal doses of Adam. Scratch that… generous doses of Adam!

Preparation for CNY

This year’s CNY arrived early! End of January.. it’s like less than 3 weeks away! It’s totally crazy. There’s going to be some crazy baking over the weekends. I guess I would be grounded every weekend this month.. provided I have the mood to even fire up my oven. It’s been there laying idle.. the last time I used it was probably months ago, trying to heat up some roasted meat.

List of Prayers

I usually list some stuff for prayers before I go to bed every night. Most of the time, I would fall asleep by the time I reached half of the list. And I would wake up suddenly in shock and continued praying till I fell asleep again. I guess God would understand my prayers and may He grant us peace. It’s the thoughts that count…

Mind Reading

I think I read somewhere before.. we thought we couldn’t read people’s minds but wait a minute.. now we can. Thanks (I think more like NO THANKS!) for Facebook! and Twitter!

Sometimes, I just don’t get it. There are people who wrote frustrations about their marital problems, complaining about husbands or wives on FB status.. I think probably they hope their respective spouse would read their status so that they could buck up.

I think it’s really downright embarrassing not to mention utterly childish to air your "dirty linen" or domestic disputes in public. If you and your spouse are not seeing eye to eye – please behave like adults and talk about it. Don’t air them in public. I was really flabbergasted to find a fairly rational friend suddenly turned into this vapid complaining bitch about her inattentive husband for weeks in row.. only to suddenly, saying praise to God for a wonderful family man..then complained about him again…. then again, thankful and grateful. It was a lucky thing I couldn’t be bothered to ask how is she, etc etc.. Imagine if we were to listen to her problems, told her to go for couple’s counseling or worse, opt for separation if situation worsen..we could have just break a marriage! In short, don’t kepoh!!

Ms Microwave

I heard that she has resigned… well, I wish her all the best and pray that the new place do not have a microwave which would trigger "moron alert" to her new colleagues first week at work.

Random Notes


A friend was lamenting the hot weather. It was truly surprising since now it’s the Ninth Emperor’s festival, it is supposed to rain. It never fail to rain year in year out, throughout the nine days of Ninth Emperor’s festival except this year. I was already bracing for the wet weather but it has been truly hot since Saturday – the first day of the celebration. I jokingly told my friend, I think even the gods have no power now over Mother Nature.


I hardly play online games. Even since young, with my brother and cousin brother fighting over the game box for Super Mario, I never find it interesting to play the game. Perhaps I suck at it. Haha. Anyway, now, I find it quite fun to play some games on the phone. I didn’t try to play Candy Crush, I heard it’s highly addictive. Now am playing Pokopang whenever I have time. I have yet to breach 700,000 points but I am hard at it! Hopefully could breach 700,000 and beat my top friend who always scored 1,000,000 and above. I wonder how she does that??

Heart Breaking

A month ago, the two boys my mom used to baby sit, were sent back to my house again after their parents had a major argument. The boys deeply shaken by it but put up a brave front and told us, they are used to their parents yelling at each other. So, the children are here to stay .. temporarily I hope. We sent them to tuition class to brush up their English and Maths.

However, not even a month, the older boy already showing signs of rebellion. We truly couldn’t tolerate children with no manners in the house, especially when both my mom and aunt already too old to take care of teenagers. Lok Lok is already 11 years old and starting to have mood swings. I told my mom, I was a teenager before and you have to tolerate my nonsense. And now at age 69 and 71 each.. I doubt they have anymore energy left in them to tolerate these boisterous behaviour. Even Ern Ern is getting rebellious. Not sure if she observed and learned from the elder boy or she just has rebellious streak in her like her aunt. Haha.

As much as we wish we could help them academically and character building, I think, this is only the best we could do. We are not their parents. It’s most unfortunate to be born into families where parents simply don’t bother to take care of their own children.

Random Notes

Sexual Harassment

The other day I noticed that one of our young colleagues is turning into a “beefcake”. He was very skinny when he first joined the company but now, he’s all beef up. So this sent the girls in office swooning over him. Well, more like old ladies. Haha. Most of the staff here are senior people except for new comers like this young chap. So, his boss, a lady, was gushing over his new built and told me, to try pinching his biceps. OMG. I just open my eyes in bewilderment and asked her, is this even appropriate??? She told me, if someone working out so hard to build those muscles, meaning they want attention. So, there’s no harm giving him attention. We could ogle at him and touch him if we want to, if not wasted! Walao eh… I wonder if this constitute sexual harassment??


These days it’s raining almost daily. I love the rain. I thank God I don’t have to work in the city centre and get stuck in terrible traffic jams that the rain brings. Also, I think it’s good because the forest fire situation still do not improve in Sumatera yet. I hope rain would go there as well to douse the forest fire once and for all. Also, with the constant rain, our “beloved” water supplier do not have lame excuse of not having enough water to provide to the people. I smell something fishy going on with the “accidental” oil spillage incident the other day. I couldn’t understand why nobody could take constructive criticism. They just have to get back at us – the consumers and yes, their customers as well as honest paying tax payors. Don’t these people believe in the afterlife?


I used to suffer insomnia when I was in school. I think academic proved to be more stressful than work. When I was taking my final paper for my professional exams, I swore that I would never ever try to take any more courses because I simply hate exams and they give me sleepless nights!

After years of blissful sleep, I suddenly had bouts of insomnia again last night. Worries and things that made me pissed all came flooding into my mind. I got a little emotional but like any other “life soldiers”, I gritted my teeth and stopped myself from succumbing into the emotion. I went to do some light reading for another hour and tried to sleep again. Hopefully tonight, I could get back to my old routine.

Random Notes

Readers of this Blog

I am very surprised there are still 29 people subscribing to this blog (one is myself. LOL!) and I don’t think my own friends – except a few of them are still reading this blog. Haha. Thanks for reading for so many years of my nonsense. Haha. If you notice, I’ve mellowed down way way too much from the beginning of my blogging adventure.

I guess one need to be extra careful when posting comments online nowadays. You will never know what is sensitive now. Everybody seemed to have lost all their sense of humour and priority (and common sense!) Sometimes, I think I should just close down this blog forever. But, I still look for information here myself, at times. That is why now, you don’t see me whine or bitch much anymore.. and write mostly on travels – for future reference (for myself). It doesn’t matter anyway, since there are only 28 of you reading. Haha.

Hantu Toilet

This morning, one of the toilet in the ladies’ washroom in office was broken. Water everywhere. So, they got the handy man to fix it. After it was fixed, I went to use the toilet – then found out, another toilet’s turn to be broken. But this time, the middle toilet automatically flush by itself. I thought it was hilarious at first and wanted to snap a video of it but then, my hands froze. I thought it was really creepy because it has no sensor and it’s a purely mechanical pump directly connected to the pipe…so how on earth would it auto flush by itself? I quickly did whatever I supposed to do in the toilet and rushed out and called the plumber. Speaking of this gave me goosebumps! Now is the Chinese seventh month!

Loud Mouth

I guess we all have that particular friend that talks too loudly for our liking and embarrass the shit out of us. Nowadays, I am having lunch in office to control my portion intake. So, I was one of the people to occupy the cramped pantry now. Since one of our colleagues who usually have lunch outside the office had an argument with a shop she frequented, she no longer has place to go. So she joins our lunch meet.

Most of us dislike her because she tends to blow things out of proportion and highly imaginative. We never believe in anything she says. And now, I experienced it because she simply couldn’t wait to give a piece of her thoughts whenever we speak. And she speaks really LOUDLY. Very LOUD! None of us have hearing problem so we sort of got very annoyed every time she talks. I think tomorrow if she goes above the irritating decibels again, I will ask her to tone it down or get out from the pantry.