Tan Tong Ku

Yesterday was a rest day, so most of the family members were in the house. Since CNY is round the corner, we gathered it would be a good day to start some spring cleaning. My bro in law was cleaning my sister’s car, so he thought he might as well clean my car. Shy to say, I was too tired for sleeping in late the night before so, I was taking care of Ern Ern and both of us went for an afternoon nap.. more like she was watching me snoring away and laughed till she fell asleep herself!

As my brother in law was cleaning my car, he took out the mat below the car seat to dust. Lo and behold.. he found a colony of mushroom on the floor of the car! He said, in his almost 25 years of being a mechanic, he never seen a car growing so much mushrooms! Heck! He never seen a mushroom growing in a car before! So this is the first! I guess we can all now go buy 4D! What’s tong ku’s number ah? Faster check the 4D book! Haha!

On a second thought, perhaps I should be more diligent in washing my car and not wait till months to wash it. LOL. This old car served me really well the past 10 years…. here’s to another 10 years to come!

Can You See Clearly?

My colleague called me asking for help. Apparently her boss scolded her because he couldn’t read the sms she sent him and complaining that the fonts were too small. So she asked me if I could help.

So I asked her to go to setting in the phone, then go to font setting – and set it to HUGE. So in future, all shit sms or whatsapp or text or what-not would be HUGE ass.

30 seconds later, I received an sms from her saying, “Haha. So how now? Can you see clearly?”

Adoi…. mangkok ayun..

I called her to tell her – she should set the font in her boss’ phone.. and not her own phone .. wah lao eh... Can die laughing. *Tears*


My colleague reminisced the past few elections, during polling day, there would be plenty of cars driven by volunteers to polling stations. The cars would be donning either parties’ flags. Generally, everybody would just car pool if they don’t have their own transport. So far, she has voted probably 4x and she and her mom would hitch a ride from these volunteers because they do not drive or own a car.

With the current escalating crimes spiraling out of control the past five years, she’s too wary to hitch a ride from strangers anymore! It’s too risky! Even if the cars do have stickers or flags on them, she wouldn’t want to hitch a ride anymore. I guess I will offer her and her mom a ride to the polling station – even if it meant, not the same as mine on 5/5/2013!

So you have it… the perception of crimes in our country. It’s indeed dark and too scary.

Vote wisely, fellow Malaysians. Vote for safety and security. Vote for peace of mind. Vote for justice.


On my way to meet up with friends for dinner just now, I was at the traffic light when I saw a car broke down. Another car was already there, to help jump start the broken down car. And another motorist came down to assist. The owner of the broken down car is an elderly Indian man. The car who stopped to help, is a Chinese gentleman. The guy who got down his motorbike to assist, is a young Malay chap. We don’t need people to teach us what is unity. Unity runs in everyday lives of ordinary Malaysians. Good hearted and good thinking ordinary Malaysians who can and shall do extraordinary things. It’s dirty politics that trying to divide us. But, together, we shall stand united against corruption, tyranny and injustice!

Venus vs Mars

I saw rather amusing remarks from colleagues when replying to the HR for the exact same memo concerning their lateness to office.

Reply from a female colleague:-

1. I was late from [date] and [date] due to the major road works nearby my house which caused terrible traffic jam.

2. I was late on [date] because I took a wrong turning into an unfamiliar route when I was frustrated because I was stuck in a jam for over 45 minutes.

3. I was late on [date] because I woke up late as I was feeling a little unwell the night before.

Reply from a male colleague:-

Traffic jam.